Friday, April 23, 2010

NEVER Trust a Magazine

Yesterday I tried on my Bathing Suit
for the first time this season..
I only have ONE word to say about that
Then while I was in line at Wal-Mart
(looking at all the magazines)
I quickly realized that I am
sooooooooooooooooooooooo GLAD
that I am not famous
and people aren't snapping pictures of me in my bathing suit
and putting them on the covers on magazines.
So... I though I'd do a little demo
to show all of us REAL women
who hate our cellulite .... but learn to live with it
THAT... all those PERFECT women on the pages
of the magazines we all read
I quickly did these in Photoshop CS3 to show you
IIn the above photo...
I made myself about 8 months prego
with a little J-Lo booty
using the Bloat Tool in Liquify Filters
Then I went the opposite route and gave
myself a slight starved look with some
Pamela Anderson BOOBS..
Notice I even added some bigger boobies to my assistant.
I also did this in Liquify using the move tool
and the Pucker tool.
Here is the original picture...
Scroll back up and see what can be done
in about 2 minutes...
So.... the next time you see some poor
Celebrity whose butt they have plastered
all over the cover
showing how much weight she's packed on.....
DON'T BELIEVE IT !!!!!!!!!!
Here's another quick example using the same
Liquify Filters....
This one is the straight out of the camera shot.
Then I removed about 20 pounds.
From my legs, arms, waist, and hips.
Then I added about 20 pounds
to all the same places ...
So... women of the world.....
GIVE Yourselves A BREAK...
There isn't one person out there who is perfect.
Yes their butts may be tighter or smaller...
but I can promise you that
IF they are in a magazine
they've been airbrushed and LIQUIFIED...
May we stop comparing ourselves
to things that
DON'T even Exist.


myletterstoemily said...

ok, if i ever have a photo shoot, Lord help
me, i want you to do it . . .the pamela
anderson way! :)

Darla said...

this is sooo funny to read after coming in from the beauty shop just now talking with some real women about forming the PHAT club. Pretty Hot And Thick! We will do lunch together once a week and eat whatever we want including dessert, and have a great time laughing and knowing that we are real women, enjoying life...not trying to be like the magazines!!! lol, thanks for posting this, it's soooo true. No body is perfect, and i love my sisters who are ok with that. :D i can't believe what all you did with this. i especially love the assistants boob job. hehehehe.

Heather at All A Flutter said...

that is nuts! seriously nuts!! i can't believe how real it looks. i will never, ever, look at another magazine picture the same way.

p.s. about the tape i posted about, i bought it from a shop called pretty tape on etsy. they have so many great color combinations and the best prices i could find. the tape is great for kids art, too. holds it to the wall or fridge, but won't pull off the paint or leave residue. i love it!

Becky said...

Bathing suits out the window! And just think I am going to Mexico next week with my white self and my fat!!!!!!!! HElp!

sara's art house said...

OH MY WORD! That is so cool that you can do that and what a visual lesson that is! You are right that they are not real!!!!!

lori vliegen said...

i hate to admit it.....but i sure would love some liquifying right about now!!! you are as cute as a button.....with or without the pamela and j-lo accessories!!! xox, :))

Tawny said...

Omigosh, those edited pics are hilarious! Love that shirt you made too!
Good luck with shopping!!!

deb did it said...

Staci,this is the best blog post I have sen in a long time.....I MUST go to my blog and link to yours...!! Everyone MUST see this...hilarious!!

Jessica said...

Cute blog :)

Love your post.

I think you look AMAZING... wow. The original picture looks great.

Michelle said...

This is too much! Love that photoshop and you are such a cutie!

Teri said...

I will be showing this to my 15 year old daughter... I love keeping it real!

Beth said...

that is awesome! i'm going to play with it right now!

Whitney said...

I've played with that, too. Super creepy! But, if it was only that quick to drop the weight!