Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Kind of HERO

This Weekend we ALL went to watch
BRENT play in Midwestern State University's
Spring Football Game.
I can not tell you how excited I was to get to see him PLAY again.
His transition from college Baseball to college Football
has been a long, hard, uphill battle.
I am so proud of him for holding STRONG to his dream
even on the days when he felt the sparkle fading.
He hung in there and remembered that
most every GREAT someone starts at the BOTTOM.
It's the climb that builds the character
that no one can take away.
He's #32.
I am 100 % certain that I have NO CLUE what
he was doing, or what anyone else was doing.
I only know that he looked perfectly wonderful doing it!.
Monk Monk... (Brady's dearest WELL loved friend)
who was such a fabulous fan......
Also thought Brent looked incredible.

He plays Wide Receiver,
and I do know that most of the time a receiver
is a blocker while they wait patiently for
when they get to score a touchdown.
I just could not get over how much BIGGER
he looked in PADS than the last time I saw
him in them during his last High School Game.
WOW..... he's gain 21 pounds
since he moved from baseball to football..
It must be a "GUY THING",
because I would have a Hard Time calling this FUN !
BUT.... HE LOVES it.....
AND I LOVE seeing him do anything that he LOVES..
and most importantly of all
I Love seeing him Happy !!!
That's pretty much all a mother can wish for.
After the game was over all the parents and fans
got to go down on the field to meet and greet
the players and coaches.
Somehow amongst the sea of players...
Brady spotted his bubba and took off.
I couldn't see him and almost panicked
until I spotted this !!!!!
I'm pretty sure it is one of my favorite pictures EVER !
There was just something about getting to his brother,
and putting on that helmet that caused a little fellow
to feel just as big as the guy we all call BUBBA.
Brent has No IDEA the impact he has upon us all.
He is the always quiet HERO we all lean on, love on, and look up to.
There is no greater THRILL in all the world
than seeing a smile on the faces of MY CHILDREN !
Every time I look into their eyes I feel like
I've been given a GIFT I did not deserve.
I am so thankful that I am the one they call Mom !!
May we NEVER take a single day
with our children for granted.
If you treat them as though there is not
a single person in the WORLD like them....
Then there WON'T BE !


sara's art house said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!! Love the pictures!

And aren't you cute with your polka dot shirt :)

Cindy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a kind comment! :)
Enjoy your night!

Anonymous said...

I am one proud grandmother. What a blessing to see you and those precious children grow into such amazing people.

Anonymous said...

Brent has gotten HUGE!! He looks great!! and CUTE CUTE Brooke makes me feel old!:( , and Brady is getting so big too! Miss you Staci!
Love Ya

Sarah said...

I feel the same way when I watch football. You sound VERY knowledgeable compared to me, but then I wouldn't have any idea if you were accurate or not.

I love the picture of Brady and his Bubba. You are a beautiful family.

Becky said...

I lloooovvveee the pic of Monkey in the helmet! That says it all for me too! Sorry for the absence.....been a whirlwind of a month....a senior, a freshman, and a toddler! Need I say more????? Thanks for sharing your special moments and I'll try and do the same! Yes, we are two lucky gals......for sure.....no one would really understand the impact except you.......thank you again!

the gypsy chick said...

Staci, this is beautiful! I just love the picture of your youngest son in the helmet, those eyes. :)

Jara said...

So fun, I bet you ARE proud! Loved the monkey:)