Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heavenly Hair

Just in case any of you were mistaken....
BUT... I would love to have her hair...
I'm not sure if it is
1. My age
2. My hormones
3. My hereditary genes
4. My plain ole' Bad Luck.....
BUT my hair is getting thinner.
It seems to be falling out WAY WAY more than it used to.
I've had blood work done... and all came back just fine.
So... I'm going with the theory of the age or hormone thing.
IS anyone else out there in the mid 40's range having HAIR DRAMA ?
I would LOVE to know any secrets
to getting that big ole' fluffy mound of hair I used to have back.
Then there is always the CUT or NOT TO CUT question.....
I bounce back and forth with that one on a daily basis..
I'm I the only one who seems to think that some times
your darn hair looks better at night
right before you go to bed than it has looked all day long.....
EVEN after you fixed it...
WHY is that?????
HELP Blog World....
my pony tail is getting so small
that my hand wears out wrapping
that little band round and round...
May we all appreciate a head of FABULOUS hair..
and if you don't have it... then appreciate great hair spray.


Jill said...

I have given-up the whole hair thing!! with curly hair and NOW a little gray too! Oh my!! I think it must be an "after 40" thing- I just buy LOTS of cute headbands now! :)
Have a happy day!
p.s.- I love your post about loving the calm-white-look in homes- I too am drawn to them but, like you, my house is FILLED with color!

Darla said...

oh please don't tell me i have more bad stuff to look forward to...it's bad enough at 39! the weight won't come off, the skin is sagging, the only thing i have thats still the same is my hair! however, you are still beautiful and tiny, and i would take that anyday!

myletterstoemily said...

i wish i had a wonderful trade secret to
tell you other than the ponytail might
be hurting you. the band pulls hair.

also, hair color adds volume. aveda is
really great.

lastly, even a little shorter helps the hair
not get dragged down as much.

good luck.

lori vliegen said...

yeah, why is it that my hair gets thinner as my body gets thicker???! one of those life mysteries that never gets solved....!

Michelle said...

Sitting here at 42 I have yet to experience hair thinning. But I have really thick hair (always have) so I'm it would probably take a drastic amount of loss before I noticed.

My issue is all the stinking gray hair. It is ridiculous how much I have. Those gray baby's are kinky. The only thing that will tame them is the flat iron.

I'm with you and would love to have the soft silky naturally highlighted locks of my youth.

Hey, I would take the body back too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Staci, you know I have to weigh in on this one.....lol YES hormones are the culprit to lots of issues !!! My advice Biotin Vitamins. And a multi...but the secret to this is you have to take the from now on. Low on iron will also be a big factor. .......Nioxin has a shampoo now that you can use daily, and they also have a vitamin.......give me a call, and Ill get all of this for ya.....love ya .......kim

sara's art house said...

I would not know being that I am so young :) Haha.....only 5 more years until the big 4-0....

All I can say is that your hair always looks very cute in pictures!