Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

I just LOVE words..
I LOVE reading them, hearing them,
saying them, and writing them.
I am always on the lookout for wonderful
sayings, quotes, or phrases to put to good use.
SO... I decided that each Wednesday
I would try to spread a few of my favorites
on to you..
I hope they find their way into some hearts out there
and I sincerely hope that
a few simple words
will work the wonders for your soul
that they have done for mine.
I have been on the search of what makes
TRUE JOY now for almost 4 straight years.
I have read countless books, listened to bazillions of cd's,
watched many wonderful speakers,
and filled my soul with the WORDS of God.
I have learned so many incredible lessons along the way...
and have grabbed ahold of some amazing things.
All of which have left me in
the most JOYFUL time of my life.
The most important of all things that
I have realized however is that
REAL JOY comes from within.
AS I watch my "little man"
I am ever reminded of just that fact.
He wakes up thrilled to start every day.
He NEVER dreads Monday, or worries if the house is clean.
He doesn't count calories, care if his pants are too tight,
wonder if his hair-do is making him look tired,
or most of all ... he NEVER blames any outside factor
on the reason he has NO JOY...
If it fads out for a moment...
It quickly builds right back up...........
because it comes from within HIM..
Today we got a knock on our door from the neighbor.
He said a package had been delivered to his house
that was addressed to us.
It was to BRADY...
a precious friend from Snyder
(who I now only get to visit through the wonderful world of BLOg)
had sent him a little PRIZE....
Oh my goodness...
He could hardly get that box opened fast enough.
And WHAT a wonderful surprise to find
A MONKEY inside...
I have decided that the world might could just
use a few more monkeys and maybe we'd all be happier.
Besides the fact that this was for sure the
nicest thing in the world to do....
IT was the most darling monkey I have ever seen...
Who could ask for more out of a Wednesday.
Thank you bunches Leslie !s
So.. as I sit here in my chair
ready to place an end to this particular Wednesday.
I will leave you with a hint of my backyard makeover
that is about 2/3 complete.
and I will leave you with my first
Wednesday's Words of Wisdom.
Real JOY bubbles up from the inside out
it doesn't leak in from the world outside.
Dianna Booher
May we all be ever mindful
that JOY is a choice.
One we must make on a daily basis.


Darla said...

Leslie is certainly a sweetheart! We need more of her kind in the world. That was really thoughtful! and i love that quote!

sara's art house said...

What a nice gift for the cute boy :) :)

Beth said...

if i love getting packages...i bet my kids would FLIP for a package. i may just send them an anonymous one.

Jara said...

Sooooo soooo true! Love the sweet little gift! What a precious baby boy!

Kathy said...

Wise words indeed. Brady is my new guru!

lori vliegen said...

you always write the most thoughtful posts! thank you for reminding us that true joy comes from within.....and i'll keep the visual of sweet little brady's true joy in hugging his new monkey friend as validation of that!! i hope you have a most beautiful mother's day, sweet friend! xox, :))

April said...

On a day like today (you know what I am refering to as I told you just earlier) I needed these little words of wisdom!! I have said before and I will say it again, I am so lucky to have someone with your insight in my life. I oh so often forget about the good things in life and tend to dwell on the bad. Your blog can always turn my day around!!!! Thanks for being my friend!!!!

myletterstoemily said...

such lovely words of wisdom.
thank you!