Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to Nature

We haven't spent the night at Our River Place
since Labor Day Weekend..
and Man oh Mercy...
I can tell you that Nature waits for NO ONE.
The water is so high because of the rains.
Which means the snakes, and other critters
have moved up closer to the trailer.
It took Brad hours to mow the grass down far enough
so that we could even see the water.
But... when we got it cut down
I remember why it is I LOVE this place so much.
He had to take a few breaks in the mowing
because his helper wanted to STOP and ride,
and play, and pick up sticks, and drive.
While Brad worked on the outside...
I worked on the trailer.
It had been lived in though for the entire
9 months that we were gone.....
However our guests were small furry creatures
who tend to eat their dwellings,
and leave an overwhelming amount
of droppings behind.
All I can say about that is....YUCK !!!
I used a whole can of bleach wipes,
and countless amounts of spray
but.. I got it finished.
So...we decided to call it a day
sit around , eat a burger,
and enjoy the incredible peace
that only the sound of water brings.
As the sun was on its way down...
Creatures came out by the loads..
I managed to keep Brady from grabbing a few
so I could take their picture.
He could not get enough of them..
and wanted to stay longer...
but the cold weather we had this winter
busted all of our pipes...
so that will require another weekend
to get them up and running.
SO... until the next time...
We just sat and enjoyed the sound of the River
and soaked up the peacefulness of being so far
out in nature that NO cell phones work,
NO cable is available, and there's NOT a tv channel in site.
I told Brad the first time we came to LOOK
at this property that I was pretty sure
Jesus Lives Here...
and every time I come back
I think I'm right !
May we all take a moment to realize that
Nature is a FREE gift we can soak up
any time we STOP and grab it.


myletterstoemily said...

lovely post, but i get thinking
about the snakes!

Becky said...

Free is best........nature is the best "prize" around........

Love the "outdoor" home.......yes back to nature is like cleansing the soul.......and with a little guy......lucky gal!

deb did it said...

nature and all her fury...we love it!

Jill said...

So true! His creation is the best! but, I'm having to get used to this "country" life with all the extra critters!! :)

sara's art house said...

mmmmmmmmmm wish I could be there! No tv- nice!

lori vliegen said...

this looks like a gorgeous area......God's country, for sure!!! i'm glad you had a chance to enjoy it with your sweet family!!! xox, ;))

Michelle said...

You got some great shots.....but I'm thinking I wouldn't be too happy with some of those critter visitors. Especially the snakes. Ick!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of God's creation, both nature and my precious little Brady. Oh those eyes.
Love ya,