Monday, May 17, 2010


This past 2 months have been a whirlwind of BUSY..
But as my crazy time of year is winding down
I had to STOP and take a piece of my own advice....
ACCEPT the things that you CAN NOT change,
and make the BEST of those things that YOU CAN.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be outside.
So much so that my skin could sometimes be mistaken
for a 70 year old Florida native....
BUT I can't help it...
I LOVE the sunshine.
Sitting in it, reading in it, swimming in it, working in it, or eating in it.
AND MY BACKYARD was without question
the ugliest in the city of Ft. Worth.
and let me just tell you....
I have fussed about it every day for almost 2 years.
So... I decided to stop my whining and DO SOMETHING.
I couldn't get rid of the giant monsters who live back there
who ...for the most part have destroyed it...
BUT.. I could create a small SPACE just for me to enjoy.
The above photo is a tiny hint of my continued bakyard makeover.
While in the backyard working on my
NEW "Happy" Space....
The third (thank goodness ..small) monster
took off with one of Brady's Monkeys.
It is the kind that yells when you touch it...
and we have laughed our heads off
because Niki thinks it's her baby.
I later found it that afternoon just like this.
I don't know about you...
BUT I'm pretty sure that means she doesn't
want Brady to have it back.
Later that same afternoon...
I got my NEW book in the mail from AMAZON..
I am already half way through with it.
WONDERFUL is just not a good enough word to describe it.
I would recommend it highly to any woman out there.
We just don't realize how the physical clutter in our
lives makes such a HUGE impact
on the clutter in our minds, hearts, and emotions.
Why we hold on to some of the things that we do...
Is just amazing to me.
1. like the 5 tubes of lipstick that I HATE
yet somehow keep as if one day they might look good on me
2. literally 8 bras that do not fit
and are so thin I wouldn't even work in them
3. double digits worth of socks with NO MATE
that I must be waiting for their return from vacation
And I have JUST BEGUN...
BUT... I am embarrassed to say...
MY Garage is the reason I bought this book.
Take a look and you will see why...
ALL I can say is Mercy...
I need a B12 shot to even get started
countless frames.. I have nearly a hundred
can any one say addict......
all the zillions of things I bought to
"REMAKE" and put in the STORE that I do NOT have
the constant out and in objects from my
multiple redecorating projects
the MANY MANY chairs I bought to recover
and of course a random Christmas tree in the mix
May we all discover the REASONS why we keep the things we do...
and courage to let the ones that don't ADD to our lives GO.....
You just might be surprised what greatness
could fill the space that was previously
held by clutter.


sara's art house said...

Ooooh- I see lots of treasures in that garage! Too bad we did not live close- we could swap junk (I guess that would not solve the clutter problem!)

Darla said...

i used to be sooo good about getting rid of clutter. i was known for it in my family, however, the last 5 years or so, i am horrible! i just can't let stuff go! i seem to think i will need it or i could make something out of it or the list goes on. i know that mentality is WRONG and i used to be able to see through that excuse but having a hard time now with it. i'm not sure what happened inside of me that made me want to 'hang on' but it certainly did happen. i hope that i will move past it and FREE myself again. thanks for posting this...i need to hear it. lol! i'm gonna throw out 50 things today. k? i'll let ya know how it goes.

Darla said...

oh i forgot to mention how WONDERFUL your patio looks! i love it! you amaze me!

Leslie said...

I'm so happy to know that I am not the only one guilty of clutter! LOL! And the patio is amazing!

myletterstoemily said...

i know everyone else sees treasures.
i see loads of work, and i will be praying
for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't throw away to much!! :)Colter and I are moving and will be gaining 800 more Square feet and I need some of your fun crazy style in my house!! So come visit us soon!! Please :)
Love ya

Veronica said...

Might be a good time to open that store!
It is so freeing though, when you get rid of something that your've been saving for so long for some unkown purpose. Suddenly you realise its not such a big loss.
Good Luck!

Michelle said...

Well, your yard my be a little bit brown, but I love the splashes of color on your deck!

Had to laugh at the half buried stuffie. My small dog does the same thing.

You have some neat looking stuff in all that clutter. Too bad we didn't live closer because sorting through clutter is fun to me.

Jessica said...

Great post, and good for you!

I did professional organizing for a while and learned a lot about clutter and why we keep it. I have so many books about it, isn't it interesting?

I find it so freeing to get rid of things that are not important to me, or that I do not use. When we rid ourselves of that extra stuff, we have more room for the stuff we really do enjoy.

My husband teases me that I go a little overboard, because I'm constantly throwing stuff away, lol.

I need to do a little re-cluttering around my home. With two little ones and not much time, it's way too easy to let clutter start sneaking back in :)

Oh, and I wish I lived close to you so I could help you out with a couple of those frames, I would love them!

Jara said...

Hey there! I love how your backyard is looking so far!!! Your garage looks like it has so much fun stuff waiting to be discovered too! You won my stationery contest I just need your address, my email is if you want to email it to me:)

deb did it said...

Staci...your clutter is beautiful....and just imagine our Bodega....holy cow, the building sold and now we have to move out next month...and I do not even have one closet in my home...and all the rooms are for about gettin rid of stuff!!

Beth said...

my basement and parts of our garage looked just like that. then...i purged. wow! it felt goooooood!

ps when can i come over for iced tea in that back yard? :)