Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taking the First Step

Wednesday's Wisdom #3
As my backyard makeover continues..
I was outside working yesterday...
and Brent (who is home from college)
decided that BEAR (one of the monster dogs) was way too hot.
So... in his 20 year old wisdom....
he decided to dig Bear a hole and
fill it with water for him to lay in.
This is BEAR... poor fellow has more hair than
all the men in Ft. Worth put together..
Each time I brush him it looks like snow in my backyard.
He LOVES it though... and will sit there all day.
WELL... Bear has yet to get in HIS hole....
But one little fellow didn't even let it fill up
with water before he was headed straight in.
From the look on his face.....
you can see that it was a tad colder than he expected.
HOWEVER.... it didn't STOP him.
and while I ran for the camera I knew exactly what I
wanted to write about today.
While I watched my baby dot play
in his new found "greatest place on earth"....
My heart realized how quickly these last 2 years
have already flown by...
and... I can honestly say
I have enjoyed them
to the very best of my ability.
HOWEVER... I can not say that with my "big kids"
(who are now... 20 and 17 years old)....
I spent so much of their lives rushing...
to practice, to work, to school, to parties, to games and through life.
I have a lot of sadness that I didn't STOP and
cherish the goofy moments more often with them.
BUT... as with all great things in life...
Everything starts with that first STEP..
It all has to start somewhere.
Being the mom you want to be can not happen over night.
But it can happen day by day,
and with each day that passes
we can all say....
"I am not where I want to be yet....
BUT MAN I am so much farther than I have ever been before."

So... today gals....
Give yourselves a break..
No one was ever born GREAT...
It all started somewhere.
So make today your first step toward
whatever it is you want to be.
Whether it's more fit, a better wife, having a cleaner garage haha,
more financial freedom, or being the greatest mom
your kids will ever know...

JUST take it one step at a time!
May we all be proud of who we are TODAY...
because today is all we have,
and it's the first day toward forever.


Anonymous said...

Mom's have such a special job and we all do the best we can at the time. I remember thinking what a wonderful mother you were when the "big kids" were small. You did make time to do special things with them, and how blessed you are to have little Brady and you get to do it all over again, even better.
Love, mom

Tawny said...

As much as I am cringing at the idea of all that mud, those are FANTASTIC pictures! Look at the smile on that boy! So precious :)

sara's art house said...

You are such an inspiration to me! Thanks for those words. I will cherish my kids today! And live in the moment!

Cute pics :)

myletterstoemily said...

good advice, and i will try to follow

i loved the darling fishin' pond and
the adorable bass!

Jara said...

Love your encouragement, thanks girl!

lori vliegen said...

you always say just the right just the right time! thank you for reminding us that it's always one step at a time. i'm such a work in progress.....and so guilty of trying to run more often than i walk! i love the photo of your sweet little mud-boy.....he will cherish these days, as i know you are!! xox, ;))

Debbie said...

What fun to be in a mud pond! And kudos to you for taking the time to enjoy.

deb did it said...

love, LOVE this story!