Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Fingers

I haven't had a chance to be too creative lately..
So.....I came upstairs today in hopes that
something fabulous would come into my head.
I sat looking at my fabric wall
but NEVER had that burst of fabulous.
As I sat there waiting for my creative burst
I saw this old piece of pillow
that I had destuffed to use for a new pillow I'd made
and wondered would the fabric
on the back of that ole' pillow look as a FLOWER?

So... I started cutting circles in varying sizes.
Then I found a red bead that I thought might look
kinda cute.... so I sewed it in first.
Then I made really big stitches from
the bottom layer up through different layers
(I skipped around with the layers
so that it wouldn't look too exact)
I used red thread so you wouldn't see it,
and pulled tightly as I made each stitch
to make the FLOWER gather.

Here is my finished FLOWER...
now all I've got to do is get it attached
to a headband for Brook..
She decided that she needed it more than I did.
This is one of the areas dedicated to Brady
in my STUDIO upstairs .
Normally it keeps him busy for at least 30 minutes.....

So... I scratched the whole
BEING Creative mode..
and we decided to do a little
FINGER Painting !!!
As Brady stuck his little fingers in the paint
he kept LOOKING at me
wondering if I was really going to let him do this...
He even told on his self saying
"MOM I gettin' messes"...
I had to laugh as I thought....
some of my best creations were
smack in the middle of
Here is our new piece of ART...
We painted it on Canvas...
SO... I'm pretty sure it will be hanging somewhere SOON !
May we never get too busy in our daily plans
TO SEIZE the moments when they are given.
You might even be surprised that your NEW plan
turned out so much BETTER than the one you started out with.


Darla said...

oh so true! i was looking through photos this past weekend and saw so many of when my kids were little, and their artwork hung on my walls and windows. made me sad! i wish for you many many more days of painting and making art with your little one. of course you know how fast it goes. if i could have a second chance, we would paint, paint, paint, and hang them everywhere! i love this. :D you are a lucky momma.

myletterstoemily said...

love both creations, but think the
fingerpainting will reap the best

wait, i just remembered your
daughter will be wearing the
gorgeous flower.


sara's art house said...

I love that little couch with the pillows! And your little colorful shelves!!! Adorable.

lori vliegen said...

i love your collaborative painting effort....and i KNOW that you'll find an absolutely wonderfully creative way to use it, too!!! and speaking of wonderfully about that fabulous flower that you made?!!! great idea, gal!!! happy weekend to you! :))

Teri said...

I've got three words for you...



Becky said...

He's got the artsy in you! What a doll! Yes, every 30 minutes is sacred , isn't it????

So darling! Let me know next time you are in town, LET'S PLAY!

Tawny said...

What a wonderful take on each day-seize the moments. They pass too quickly!
Love the flower! So cute! I could even totally see it on a shirt or necklace too!