Thursday, March 18, 2010

MY Project Runway

I finally got dressed today because I had a
PHOTO SHOOT with a fabulous bride...
SO.. I thought I'd take a few pictures of myself
in the shirts I've been making this past week.
I wore this one today... I think it is my FAVORITE so far.

I've gotta say.... it was completely FUN to wear
something today that I actually made MYSELF.
and what makes it better is it was FREE stuff
that I was going to give to Goodwill...
This one was half of a cheap tank top (bottom)
and a plain ole' white man's undershirt t-shirt top.
I used the bottom of the undershirt to make the
ruffles on the sleeves. It was the easiest one to make.

This one started out to be one of my very favorite sweaters
but .... I didn't read the label and it wasn't supposed to go
into the dryer... SO I messed it up.
The length might have fit BRADY.
spaceI sewed some of the remaining undershirt to the bottom of it
and used more of it to make the side ruffle.
This was another plain ole brown tank top
that again was way too short...
I'm not sure how that happens.. haha
The blue part was a shirt I bought years ago
at Banana Republic.
After having Brady... I just don't
do TIGHT around the belly anymore..
The MUFFIN top is not attractive.
So I used the bottom of it to attach to the tank,
and the sleeves to make the ruffle and the tie.
This is the brown sweater that I
made last week. Just thought I'd throw it in
for my "THINGS I MADE" day.
I wore this one over the weekend,
and it fits so much better now that
I don't have to constantly pull my sweater down
to cover my crack showing..
43 year old cracks are NOT PRETTY!!!
Here is the other one that I showed you earlier this week.
It is one of my other favorites..
I wear tons of black so it will give me lots of new options.
I am so excited to be able to make stuff out of
my old YUCK stuff...
I figured even if I only wear it a few times,
or make a total mess of something I'm trying to create....
THEN nothing lost since it was all headed out anyway.
And the bonus is....
I now have some NEW clothes without spending a penny....
AND they all cover my CRACK.. haha
May we all take a few minutes to go
GOODWILL shopping in our OWN CLOSET.
Even if you don't like what you make...
then you weren't wearing it anyway...


Anonymous said...

How smart you are!! Great vision. Just wish I could see those things in my head - not a thing there.Ha. Loved them all!

Darla said...

oh my goodness! you have been busy, and those are sooo fun! i love all the ruffles and the added length...that seems to be a common problem, everything is tooo short these days and i certainly need to cover this tummy of mine! thanks for the inspiration! :D

sara's art house said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! LOVE the black & white stripe one- but they are ALL cute! Wish I could do that......

And I love the jeans too, by the way. Where are they from? I am always looking in vain for a new pair of jeans that will look good on me.

April said...

Not sure which is my favorite?!?! The black or the brown one? I really like them both. I was actually hoping to see the green one on here tho!!! haha!!

lori vliegen said...

wow!!! i think that the project runway judges would be hard-pressed to find fault with any of these cute fashions that you've created.....they're all fab-u-lous!!! and you look cuter than a button wearing them too (and not a muffin top or crack in sight!! hee hee). enjoy your weekend, you sweet fashion statement, you!! xox, :))

Anonymous said...

WOW !! Staci they all are so stinkin cute...... I remember when you told me all you could do was a straight stitch.... : ) have come a loooong way !!!
love ya, Kim

myletterstoemily said...

how creative of you to remake
old shirts and sweaters into
such beauties.

wish i could do that with my
old face! but my darlings have
forbidden me to allow a scalpel
to touch it. :(

thanks for the fun visit!


Teri said...

Oh my! I just hopped over to your blog from Letters to Emily. You are SO CUTE. Love your ideas... something for nothing is great in my book!!!

Can't wait to explore more of your blog.

Have a great day!

Teri said...

I just tried to become a follower, but it didn't pop up with my regular picture... I'm that half an Eiffel Tower. LOL

Oh, and I'm from TEXAS.

Jara said...

AWESOME!!! I need to go goodwill shopping in my closet too, and pull out my sewing machine and dust it off:) And...cover my crack!!! It's awful, I'm always apologizing for it! Darn those low rise jeans! Thanks for the laugh!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

you are such a talented re-designer. i love the brown and blue tank, the white one, and that sweet cardi with the white ruffle. i think you should open yourself a little etsy shop so you can start sharing your designs with the world!!

Tawny said...

REally? You MADE those? I mean I know I saw your post before, but those LOOK amazing on you! You look fantastic!!!
I totally need to learn how to be good like that on my machine!!!

deb did it said...

oh Staci....these are darlin....ALMOST as cute as YOU! I love what you are doing...making magic with a sewing machine!! BRAVO!

Jessica said...

WOW! Those are fabulous! Oh how I wish I could sew like that!!