Monday, March 8, 2010

Proud of ME

All I can say is YIPPY....I'm PROUD of ME !!!!
Tonight at class I finished my 4th major project..
My ottoman started off 2 weeks ago as a mere sheet of plywood
and tonight it turned into THIS !!!!!

WOW what an adventure this was....
The plywood was cut and formed into a box with a lid.

Then we added our foam core for the lid & covered it with batting.

Next we made our lid cover & stitched the seams to make edges.

Our ottoman opens to use as storage so we even covered the inside of the lid.

Next we folded our seams over and stapled them so that all our lines are clean.

The box frame was also covered with batting.

Then we learned to sew the fabric to form the box frame and its insides.

The pieces had to match up perfectly so they would fold over the inside.

That fabric was fitted, creased into lines, & stapled along the inside of the box.

Then we even covered cardboard with fabric
so that the bottom would be totally finished out.
Here it was after the end of class last week.

Then Tonight came the WELTING which I have learned

MUST be cut on the diagonal in order for it to move around corners.

Here is my finished product with the welting (or trim) added

and my TOP button.
I also added legs (they are in the first photo) and my ottoman is DONE.
I've got to say....

I am pretty proud of my WORK..

I looked at it again when I got home & couldn't believe I did that.

May we take the time to do something we've always wanted to try.

You NEVER know what you might turn out!


Anonymous said...

Yea for you girl!!! It is terrific.
Love, love it.

Darla said...

oooohh, i love that! you did good!

Stephanie said...

Wow, that's awesome! I love learning new things. Your ottoman turned out beautiful, I would be proud of it too, nice work. That looks like a fun class, I wish I could join you :)

Kaz and Amy said...

Wow! Amazing! It looks great! I know you are proud! Thanks for sharing!
Have a great Tuesday!


Jara said...

Love it!!! Way to go doing something that you've always wanted to do and succeeding!!!!

Tawny said...

That is seriously beautiful! You made that-you are so cool ;)
That is so cool to be able to look at it and think, "I did that". What a great feeling of success and accomplishment !!!

the gypsy chick said...

Awesome!!! You have so inspired me to buy a sewing mechine!
Also I wanted to tell you thank you for always leaving the sweetest comments on my little blog, they always make me smile! :)

Kathy said...

I guess you ARE proud, girl! This is fabulous and I am jealous.

Michelle said...

I am impressed! It looks awesome!

sara's art house said...

That ottoman is soooo adorable! GOOD JOB!

Beth said...

holy cats! that is perfection.

deb did it said...

FABULOUS WORK,....isn't it fun??
I an see it will be re-upholstering your entire home, inside and out!! Nothing will be safe if it sits still long enough!! RUN KIDS might be chased by a staple gun and foam padding....