Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On with the CLOSET

I wish I would have been keeping track of all my Discoveries.
Since that is the word I am dedicating my year too.
I will have to go back and see what number I am on for sure
BUT.. until then I will just call these
the "Thank Goodness Discoveries"
Yesterday... when Little Brady woke up
(at the crack of noon) haha we are night people
I noticed his fabulous hair-do and the clothes
he'd had on for 2 days now and
realized I too had my same clothes on
and lets just say my hair looked almost the same...
Our attire jumped me back into gear about "my look"
and my closet make-over.
I did decide that MOST of the problem
is not really with my clothes...
but that fact that I hardly wear any of them
since I seldom leave this house.
Basically... My thinking is.. what is the use of putting real clothes on
(other than the ones you can wear all day AND sleep in)
if I'm not going to be going anywhere.
BUT... I made myself a vow, and plan to stick to it.
So....I started with the Brown section
determined that after I am finished
I won't be mistaken for "homeless"
I am not really sure as to WHY I even have these pants
other than I KNOW they are comfortable.
Since they may be about 2 sizes too big
and I am not or have never been in a job
which required scrub pants..
Needless to say... they are LEAVING.
WELL... Now these pants just speak for themselves.
I am pretty sure I have never worked the corner
of Hollywood and Main...
sooooooooo other than that I can not imagine
why I have these lovely trousers.
Brook assured me however that she's seen me wear them..
And the 1990 high waistband
is just waiting to come back in style
in case any of you desire the
HUGE LEOPARD butt look.
YES.. this was Brady's face as he saw me
trying on the Leopard Pants..
He asked if we were going to the ZOO..
I don't know but... I'm pretty sure that's a bad sign.
This is how many hangers I removed clothes
I am so excited about all the room in my closet already
and I am only half way done.
These are some of the other members of the
"Why on EARTH do you have this" pile.
I'm not even sure if Goodwill will take Leopard Pants
unless there is someone in the need of a costume.. haha
I will keep you posted on the rest of the closet redo,
as well as show you a few fabulous shots of
clothes that make you say HUM........
May we never forget to LAUGH at ourselves on occasion.
AND..... take the time to go through our
closets a little more often,
because I bet there is something in them that will
make you say...."WHAT WAS I THINKING"


Darla said...

that was wonderful! haha, i am smiling. i really really really need to be doing this same thing! but i would be so embarassed to show my outfits, they will be busting at the seams! do keep us posted, and i love Brady's hair in that first photo. it looks like he has lots of it!

Becky said...

Hysterical! I am still smiling! The leopard pants are a one of a kind! Scary thought, I think I have a vest in my coat closet to match those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feather said...

wow... WOW...those leopard pants. all i can say! and doesn't it feel good to get them and all the others out of your closet? there's nothing like a good purge.
now, thank you so much for stopping by simply feather and leaving a comment. i've loved having that typewriter and have seemed to find a reason to use it every day. you must find yourself one. (although, i've been looking for a year or so...had almost forgotten i was looking for one...when it appeared out of nowhere!)

Anonymous said...

Even I, the keeper of everything, would get rid of those leopard pants. Ha. I will be jealous of the clean closet.
Love you,

sara's art house said...

CUte!!!! Hahahaha.

Don't get rid of the leopard pants!!! Put on a little black dress and boots- you could pull that off!

Good for you for tackling the closet!

Jara said...

laughing so hard at your leopard pants - reminds me of the snakeskin pleather pants I once had back in my "wishing I was in the movie Coyote Ugly" days - ha ha!!! Not to mention the size two honeymoon clothes I still have from 10 years ago! - thanks for the inspiration and sweet comments on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Staci, I can not believe you still have those leopard pants. Dont you remember those were Tarens, in like the 7th grade. Im not real sure how you ended up with them. HA HA !! So you are off the hook you did not buy them ..I ya kim

deb did it said...