Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day at the ZOO

Yesterday was the most BEAUTIFUL day
here in Fort Worth that we've had in a LONG time.
SO... instead of doing the ZILLION THINGS I needed to be doing
My Daddy and I (seized the moment) and
took Baby Dot to the ZOO..
I'm not sure who had more fun !!!
It was the most perfect day for the ZOO.
NOT one bit cold, NOT one bit hot...
The animals were all out and happy to be on show for us.
Brady is just obsessed with animals of most any kind
and was old enough to REALLY enjoy them all.
WE had nothing more important to do than spend
a day with a little fellow who was
totally engulfed in JOY...
SO... we stayed and looked at each animal
as LOOOOOOOOOONG as he wanted. haha
Here is a small sample of our incredible day.
I must say... this man who Brady calls PAPPA DOOTS
is NOT the same man who raised me..
What an incredible change one man has done in his LIFE,
and in HUGE part because of BRADY...
That little boy....
is the glue that makes us all FAMILY,
and the JOY that makes us all BETTER PEOPLE !!

Each day I see his face I am reminded that
WE are NEVER too old to start over,
and it's NEVER too late for each day to be
May we always remember that
TODAY is all we've got...
Make it ONE to REMEMBER !


sara's art house said...

What a fun and perfect day! He is a little doll- and I can tell you are enjoying every single moment of his childhood :)

lori vliegen said...

there's nothing more fun than spending a day at the zoo.....and especially with your boys, both young and older!! so glad you had a great time! and btw, your new furniture looks FABULOUS!!!! you go girl!! :))

Jara said...

So fun!!! We too live close to Ft. Worth in Keller. Small world:)

Tawny said...

That last picture is just precious!
What a fun day. Going to places like that are so fun seeing it through the little one's eyes. It's like a whole new experience as an adult!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

The last photo is a framer for sure! What a wonderful little story it tells!!

Becky said...

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I am living your is wonderful and the words you wrote describe my exact thoughts........Griffin is our glue and joy and saving grace in many ways..........two little angels have been sent to us......aren't we two lucky gals to get to relive the fun of having a little one!

I feel like my life is divided into two parts, as I'm sure you do, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine such happiness and having fun EVERYDAY!

julie king said...

lovely photos! isn't that what life is all about -- the power to change and become a better person! good for your day, good for you and good for brady!!