Friday, March 12, 2010

Ruffle Ridiculous

Everywhere I turn lately....
I'm seeing RUFFLES..
They are in magazines, in store windows,
on my favorite website ,
and ALL over my favorite show PROJECT RUNWAY..
Since I have ZERO extra money to go shopping with
I thought..... HEY why not go through some of that ugly CRAP
I cleaned out of my closet (I'm still not finished with by the way)
and see if I can make something RUFFLED out of it.
THIS is WHAT I MADE today...
I gotta say it was the best FREE fun I've had in a while.
I used this shirt... which must have been from the
"I don't care if my stomach shows days"
BECAUSE ... let me tell you those days have GONE BY..
and it is WAY too short.
and I used this shirt...
to put together to make a little piece of my own
It was the easiest thing I've done in many months..
Here are a few simple directions
if any of you guys want a FREE Ruffle shirt from
your Closet Crap.. haha
Start off with a shirt or sweater of any kind.
haha.... after the green pea BOOB ordeal (a few weeks back)
you might want to make sure it still fits.
Then you can take another shirt (like the first one),
or any piece of old clothing...
I had left over from some era of my past....
( I'm sure at one point they must have been slimming) haha
After I got the two separate pieces cut apart,
I sewed them together to make my shirt
LONG ENOUGH to cover any sign of stomach.
spacesIt looks like a dress but that GAUCHO fabric fits stung.

Then I used some more of the GAUCHO fabric to cut strips.
These are what you need to make the RUFFLES.
This t-shirt fabric is really the easiest to use.

You truly can not mess this up.
I didn't measure a single thing and it worked fine.
Sew a long, wide seam right down the middle of the strips.
Then gently pull ONE of the threads to start your gathers.
You can get them as loose or tight as you like.
Then lay them on your shirt and start sewing
right down the middle of the gather
in whatever type of pattern you want.
I did the first one around the collar
and this one just random down the side.
Here is my finished
Sweater RUFFLE Shirt.
I will try this weekend to (GET DRESSED)
so I can take a picture of them ON..
I really did check first .... and this time they fit...
NO GIANT GREEN PEAS to take apart. haha
Brady watched me sew all day...
and could not at all understand
why I was taking pictures of my sewing machine table.
HOWEVER... after a few hours
he decided it must be some kind of fun
and joined in with his camera too.
May we always remember....
Sometimes being broke leads to being your most creative.
If you have some time this weekend
dig through your CLOSET CRAP and
see what you can make.
I'd LOVE to see your creations.


Feather said...

this is fabulous. but now i'm dying to see it on you! come on, girl! you're leaving me hanging!

Darla said...

how fun...i hope i have some time to try this to. you go girl. that turned out really cute! there is always a blessing in the midst of our (what we perceive to be) troubles...when we were our brokest, i made Devyn's baby crib bedding out of a bedspread that someone gave me as a wedding was yellow and it was plenty of material for what i was needing! haha. i love that memory.

Kaz and Amy said...

OMGosh! You did such an amazing job! How awesome are you!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

look at you getting all project runway! so cute! and you can't beat free's my favorite kind :)

Jara said...

Wow, very creative!!! Love it! Some of our best times was when I was staying at home with my babies, and we were dirt poor:) Wouldn't trade those days for anything!!!!

deb did it said...

you go girl...RUFFLE YOUR STUFF!!

Kathy said...

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, and this is adorable! I made all of my oldest son's newborn clothes out of my fabric remnants and his first teddy bear from an old velour shirt. I thought he was rather pitiful, but, then, Andrew made him real by loving him, just like the Velveteen Rabbit. Thank you for sharing how you created this and for bringing back happy memories.


Tawny said...

How cute are those?! I love your creativity!