Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trying to climb back in the Saddle

It's hard to climb back in the Saddle with stitches in your bottom end. haha But, I have sat around as long as I can. So, today, I climbed the stairs up to my studio to get back to at least a little work. I needed to check on the status of some orders that were placed right before surgery. As I was looking through the file at the dates and order numbers I realized that they just didn't make cool, hot looking Seniors in the 80's. Of course I'd like to think that my friends and I were as cool and "with it "as the kids now days... but then really I'd be kidding myself. Looking back we were so dorky. But I did it with some awesome big hair and black eye-liner. haha Here is an example of one of the kids I've got on order. Now, I know for sure they didn't make guys like that in the 80's. His mother is one of my dearest friends in the world so I can say that. What a great guy he is too (to go along with the looks and style). I even got out my old yearbook just to see for myself. AND YES..... I was right. Our guys had feathered hair, short shorts, long tube socks, and only one pair of shoes. WOW.. Now that has all the makings of a good husband. haha Sometimes, maybe it's better not to look at what is, but at what will be.


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