Monday, October 6, 2008

More Cute Guys

I came upstairs to work again today. I need to have my mind doing something since my body can't do much. I checked on the rest of my orders. And WHAM another Hottie, Handsome guy. I swear we were just a bunch of dorks in high school. I tried to figure out why.. I came to the conclusion that kids now days just seem to grow up so much faster than we did. They know more (knowledge and YUCK stuff) so maybe with knowing more comes growing more and maturing more. We just looked so young.
I wasn't really that sheltered I don't think, but I just didn't learn much about being worldly until way later in life. TV I'm blaming or crediting (whichever way you are viewing this) too. Teenagers today have been exposed to more by the time they graduate than we were way into our married lives. And I must say much more than my little "June Beaver Cleaver" mother is to this very day. Sometimes I wish it could all go back. Back to the most important things to worry about were the pimples that popped up over night. But, I realize we must live in this world rather than create a bubble within it. So........ I'll just count my blessings that my worldly kids are pretty darn good. And I must say they are just not too bad to look at either.


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