Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Little Girl

Well, the day has finally come that I have to face the fact that my little girl is growing up. She passed her driving permit test and is officially a woman of the road. It is both a thrill and a huge sadness. I must admit I will be a little thankful not to have to run around to a million places everyday, but so sad to see my little freckle face angel grow up that much... Of course she isn't the least bit sad. In fact, she keeps reminding me she's growing up. Her first legal day however nearly did us both in. She wanted to drive to cheerleading practice. SO..........not wanting to burst her bubble of excitement I let her. On I-20 during 5 o'clock traffic. We made it just fine, but my cheeks were nearly squeezed through the seat mashing on my (not to be found) passenger side brake. She said "Mom, how do you look behind you, beside you, and in front of you at the same time." I said I don't have time to explain just please do it... haha Kinda funny now, but not so much at the time. My sweet Brook...... What a joy to my heart she still is. She can get more emotion out of a person in one day than some people get in a lifetime. Lots of good, sometimes bad, but always always worth it... If I lined up all the girls in the world... I'd pick those freckles every time. Thank you God for picking me to be her mom.


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