Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby Bliss

Been working on a little baby portfolio album today to put here at the studio. I've been looking through a few of my baby files ........ some old and some new to find some of my favorites. Wow... Still have so many to dig through, but wanted to share a few. I've been in the Senior mode lately and forgotten how precious and sweet little babies are. They just ooze personality and they don't even know it. Maybe it's because I have a new found love and keen observation of babies now because of Brady.. Who knows. All I know for sure is that without little guys............ the world just wouldn't be nearly as much fun to look at. Find a baby today and just stop and watch them a minute. We should all look at the world with such fascination.



WW said...

You've got a great bunch of pics there. Such eye candy on your's been fun to poke around!

Healing Expressions said...

HI Stacey..Thank you so much for peeking in on my blog and your sweet encouraging words! Your work is absolutely fabulous! A feast for the eyes!
Creative Blessings!