Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's THOUGHTS

This POST is for every woman out there who has ever felt
Frumpy, Lumpy, Dumpy, Bumpy, and Grumpy...
Lately every time I look at myself I'm wanting to say........Huh????
What are you wearing, and WHY?
When I used to teach school I had to get up every day and
get dressed, fix my hair, and put on makeup.
HOWEVER.... the last 5 years I have worked from home,
and I'm kinda embarrassed to say that MOST days
I don't even do a single thing to myself other than
Brush My Teeth.
Sometimes as I pass a mirror I stop and do a double -take
almost NOT recognizing myself anymore.
I know that we all deserve a "do nothing" day on occasion...
BUT I have mostly had one for 5 years now.
And I've got to say that it has had an effect on the way I feel about myself.
When you are 43 you can only look so good in warm-up/ pajamas,
with hair that's been in the same "up do" for days, and
the mascara bags under your eyes
from the one day you got ready this week.
I must say that this REVELATION started with
"the Green shirt"
I continued my remodel on it by adding long sleeves.
I was so excited to try it on because I thought it looked so cute.
Then... after I could barely get it over my head
I remembered why that I had put it in the
"get out of here" pile.
My boobs looked like 2
Jolly Green Giant Peas with a ruffle.
That shirt was entirely too tight and where I'd put
the ruffles made my shoulders look like I played
linebacker for the RAIDERS on Sunday afternoon.
Then... as I was watching Oprah
(we get her here on lots of different channels)
so it may have been an old show.. I don't know.
BUT... they were talking about Stay-at-HOME-Moms
who have stopped making the most of themselves.
The best quote I remember from the show was
"Look cute for YOU"
even if no one sees you but yourself ... YOU deserve IT!!
So.. This weekend I am going to go through every single thing
that I own in my closet and TRY IT ON..
I literally have some clothes in there that I've had over 15 years
and sadly still wear some of them......
(therefor I am pretty sure they either aren't in style
or don't fit right anymore)
I sincerely hope that I am not the only Stay-at-HOME-Mom
who has sorta thrown in the towel on getting ready...
But since Oprah did an entire show on it,
I'm pretty sure there are some other women out there
who also have more warm-up/p.j. pants
(that they wear 99% of the time)
than just me.
I truly have the GREATEST closet in the entire world !
(and yes I'm am OCD and it is all COLOR Coded in Sections)
My husband and his family used to build houses
from the ground up....
So.... he can build absolutely anything.
When we moved into this house
I drew him the plans of what I wanted, and
WHAM... he built me the best closet ever!
But... I am going to take Oprah's advice
and go through all the things in my closet
and keep only the items that I LOVE,
and the ones that I feel LOOK Good on me.
I think most women have things in their closet
that they don't even like at all,
or clothes that every single time they wear them
think "I look fat in this!"
Sooooooooo... I am making a vow
that after this weekend I would rather
have only a hand full of items that I really like....
than a closet full of stuff I NEVER Wear...
because I can't remember if it fits right
since I haven't tried it on in 5 years.
EVEN my WARM-UPS (which I know I will not give up)
are going to be the ones that I feel good in.
Any other mom's out there who work from HOME
and have it all figured out or have a quick plan to
get ready I'd LOVE to hear how you do it.....
May we always realize that WE ourselves are worth getting ready for.
as Oprah says "Get CUTE for YOU"


Becky said...

I want to get cute "with" you.......clean out!!!!!!!!! I so want to get rid of the standard humpteen black, khaki, and outdated jeans! I admit, I am jealous of the cool closet.....and also admit, I HAVE CLOTHES IN EVERY CLOSET IN THIS HOUSE! Sick.............I'm with ya!
Clean, girl, clean!!!!!

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Darla said...

great closet! do you have enough shoes? ha! trust me, there is nothing in my closet that will make me cute! or i might try to pull that off...:P

Michelle said...

I'm just a year younger than you and a stay at home mom. I totally get it!

I have been pretty good over the years about not hanging on to dumpy or old clothes that I don't wear anymore. I do however have nice tops that I rarely wear in my closet that I am slowly weeding out.

I once heard that you should put a piece of yarn on the hangers of all your clothes. You take the yarn off when you wear the item. After six months you should get rid of everything that still has the piece of yarn.

Happy purging!

Anonymous said...

I read you post today and thought to myself, "That is ME!" I don't have much of a wardrobe since my twins were born (four years ago), but I NEVER get "cute" anymore unless it is a photo-op. I remember the days I cared about the way I looked. I am on this mission with you!

Kim's Treasures said...

I know how you feel! I try really hard to not leave my room without getting out of my pj's and into nice fitting jeans and a cute top. But many a day that's as far as it goes besides brushing my teeth. This whole week I've gone without any makeup and I look every bit my 46 years. UGH! I will try to improve next week! Have fun cleaning out! I did that about a month ago.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today :-)

lori vliegen said...

as usual, you've hit the nail right on the head.....but you always do it in such a fun, totally hilarious way (i'm still chuckling over the jolly-green-giant peas-with-ruffles thing!!). your closet is awesome....i totally appreciate your color OCD!!! have fun going through all of your clothes. now we don't have to send the "what not to wear" team after you!! hee hee xox, :)))

deb did it said...

OK, first of all....YOU LOOK FABULOUS IN ANYTHING...or nothing~wink~ Second, what a kick-ass closet....I color code my fabric stash...but I have never thought of color coding my jeans, tanks, and shorts....I typically stash them together in like-kind. And thirdly...EVERYTHING I wear looks like Petite Peas inside my tops!! Love ya Staci!! You always crack me up...!