Friday, February 5, 2010

Direction REALLY matter

YEAH!!!! I almost have a project finished..
The instructor of our class has the patience of Job and
bless her heart she is baring with me and
my lack of "LEFT brained" ability...
AND here is my almost finished chair box..
I got so excited I jumped up and down right in the middle of class.
My sewing skills may not be Martha Stewart quality...
BUT... I pick out darn good material to mix together !!
For those of you (like me) who have never done this before..
This is called WELTING...
I am just thrilled to know how to do this..
It makes everything look so much BETTER..
The secret ( I learned) is cutting the fabric on a diagonal (from corner to corner).
This is so the fabric will stretch.
If it is cut diagonally then the fabric bends easily around the corners of the chair..
I cut my fabric in 3 inch strips
since I had large cording.
(That is the big fat shoe lace stuff that goes inside.)
After you cut a few strips, you make the V shape (upper photo),
and sew them together.
THEN you flip it over...
WHAM.. you have one long stretchy piece to put the "fat shoe laces" in.
Next I sewed the box part of my chair right up next to the cording.
I have to admit... YES I did have to rip out 1 set of seams..
HEY... but only once is pretty good for me.

When I was all done.. I was so proud that I'd gone out of "my ZONE" and followed directions...

I can hardly WAIT to get all of the chairs finished & at my kitchen table.

When I got home I could barely contain my excitement..

I tried to tell my family all about it... however no one seemed to share in my JOY!

Brady was the most enthusiastic.. but I really think he was listening to ELMO.

May we always remember... directions were made for a reason.
and...Sometimes traveling out of our comfort zone is the best vacation !


Darla said...

that looks wonderful! good job following the RULES...the sounds weird huh? lol.

the gypsy chick said...

Staci, I just love the fabric combo!
I am not a rule follower myself, and sometimes it takes me a little while to get it, but once I do...
have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

What a great job you are doing. And yes, you have excellent taste in fabric.

Becky said...

Nevermind! Sewing isn't for me!!! Or is it??/ Structure and directions????&(*&%&**)(*()_) I'll think about it!

Love the outcome! You should jump up and down!!!

Kathy McCullen said...

These chairs are going to be FABULOUS! Your mix of materials is inspired, Staci, exactly what I would've chosen. In fact, they would look amazing in my studio. Hmmmm......