Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dirty DESK

My studio has been a TOTAL WRECK since Christmas.
I just kept bringing stuff up here and
NEVER stopped to put it up..
Hence... my DESKS were ALL
piled beyond any ability to work.
I've gotten so many new book lately, and
have been about to go CRAZY wanting to try
some of the ideas in them...
BUT as you can see... NO PLACE TO WORK !
YES... this is my sewing TABLE...
All I can say is "My Goodness"
I'm not sure how it got so TERRIBLE...
It took me several hours and a whole lot
of figuring out where to put stuff...
BUT.... I got it done!!
My sewing table is CLEAN..
and I wasted no time getting started making "STUFF"
I've had these 2 t-shirts in the
"cut up to do something else with"
pile for many months..
So.... if I totally screwed them up.... NO HARM done.
I cut one of them up to use the TOP part,
and the other to use the BOTTOM part..
In hindsight I would have cut the TOP part a few inches lower,
but.... it was my first practice run...
so I just made due with what I'd already cut.
The BOTTOM shirt was bigger,
so I sewed one big stitch along the top of it and
pulled the thread to make a few gathers so it would be evened up.
Then I sewed the 2 shirts together.
I used pieces from the BOTTOM shirt to make
the gathering that would go along the collar.
First I cut the pieces into long strips.
Then I sewed a big stitch
right down the middle of the piece.
I pulled the stitches fairly tight to make fluffy gathers.
I cut 2 strips so I would have 2 rows of gathers.
Then I sewed the gathers to the collar of the T-shirt.
It's not exactly like the one in Anthropologie...
BUT.. it was pretty fun and WAY easy...
AND after all...... it was my first try.
Here is my finished shirt
Tomorrow I'm making FLOWERS and
maybe even try another shirt...
Until then....
I might just wear this one tomorrow...
May we never underestimate the CREATIVE power
of a CLEAN room...


Anonymous said...

Aren't you clever! You are making your Mom proud with all this sewing. Great job!!!

Darla said...

toooo cute...and you are right...a clean room unleashes that creativity so fast, and then we make a big ole mess again! but ah, doesn't it feel good? i love this, i have been wanting to try some 'ruffles' on stuff, maybe i will clean my own sewing table's a mess!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

you are so crafy!! I have a few tees in my 'things to fancy up' pile and this tutorial would be a great place to start. really fun!!

Debbie said...

Cute! You did a great job on that.

Anonymous said...

YOU are AMAZING my there anything you can't do? Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a GREAT weekend!

the other Stacey Danford

sara's art house said...

What a CUTE shirt! You need to show a pic of you wearing it.

GOOD job on your sewing table- what an accomplishment!