Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Retro Ridiculous

Seems as though every single time I catch myself thinking
"I can make that, or I can surely do that"
those words come back to (as they say)
BITE ME in the butt !!!
Monday in my UPHOLSTERY class
we had our first REAL recovering project.
I had my new fabric ALL READY as was so excited to get started.
We all brought a chair from home and started
the process of making it fabulous..
I had 4 of these chairs in my garage that I've been waiting to recover...
SO I figured why not bring them
All I can say is people in the 60's took great pride in their work !!

spaceNormally I would have just taken the seat off,
and put my new material right over the top of it...
BUT.. since I am learning how to do it CORRECTLY
I followed the directions (which were)...
To take the entire thing apart and use it as the pattern.

Let me just tell you that there was WAY more to this than I dreamed...
It literally took me the entire 2 hours of class to get this @#%&&* chair
taken apart and the pieces ready to make my pattern.
So.. in hindsight I now feel badly for all the times I called to get
an estimate about having something recovered...
and under my breath I said
"That is ridiculous... I can do that!"
Because.. IT was WORTH the MONEY!
So.. needless to say..
I left my class with homework that I must finish
before I head out tonight to learn the skill of welting which I am sure
is also much harder than I imagined.
May we never take someone else's skills for granted.
Yes.. we might be able to do it ourselves.. but it might be harder than we thought.


Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh, you may learn to read a pattern guide yet. Ha. You are doing great, just keep at it and it will get easier each time. Love you bunches.

lori vliegen said...

well, i'm with you....i would have been REALLY tempted to just stretch the fabric over that stuffing and get the staple gun out!! but, the RIGHT way will look terrific.....and i can't wait to see your welting....! :)))))

Becky said...

One of those projects you start and think you'll never finish@ Will look awesome once you put your touch on it! Can't wait to see....those are the coolest chairs by the way!!

the gypsy chick said...

You are so making me want to take a sewing class!!!!

Darla said...

here's what will happen to you now...or at least it's what happens to me...after learning to do it correctly and seeing how professional it looks when you are done, you will now want to do everything 'right' and of course that is always the more time consuming way! once i learn to do something 'right' then it really bothers me when i cut corners. it's a bittersweet deal, but at least you will have some wonderful looking stuff. :D GREAT chairs!!!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

I want to take an upholstery class, too! That sounds so fun..... frustrating, but really fun.
Yeah for you!! I can't wait to see the finished products!!