Monday, February 8, 2010

Raising Girls

Brook had a cheerleading competition in San Antonio this weekend.
We left Friday about noon and didn't get home until late last night.
Any of you who have teenagers know that
being stuck in a car with them for over 8 hours
is both a curse and a blessing.
All I know is that raising a girl is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
much harder and more stressful than raising a son.
The daily deliveries of drama, ever forming mood swings,
and constant ordeals with hair
are sometimes more than I have the energy to deal with.
But within that very same moment...
they can also be the biggest dose of JOY,
a secret catalyst for an enormous belly laugh,
and a true messenger of both love and honesty.
One that no one else has the ability to bring.
Some days I look at her
and see so many of the wonderful things I have taught her,
then some days I look at her
and see some of the horrible things I have taught her.
What a fine line there is between them both.
Teaching a girl how to become a confident woman
full of strength and security with the skin they're in
yet filling them with a humble heart and a desire to serve
is the hardest job of my life.
At times I am a friend, and at times
well let's just say I AM NOT !!!!
All I can say is ...with every day there is a new adventure.
Some days I get it just right, and
some days I'm sure I mess it up terribly.
BUT.. every day I give it my best shot!
(and secretly hope she has 5 daughters of her own) haha
May we never forget....
those things that are the most valuable
are those that someone took a great deal of time in creating.


Darla said...

i guess we always wonder if we are doing everything right as parents. i sure do know that boys and girls are WAY different...and i will say any day that boys are so much simpler than girls! so for parents that only have boys...i always wonder if they get the same brownie points as those of us with daughters! i guess we females are just wonderfully complex because were made from a rib! and the guys, dirt. dirt is pretty simple. haha!

Michelle said...

That is such a great post. The other day I had the opportunity to spend the evening alone with my 14 year old. We had such a good time. I told her how much I enjoyed spending time with her. I told her that while I will always love her that I actually "liked" her as well.

Then last night she was a total teen and I wanted to take it all back. LOL!

deb did it said...

what a heartfelt post. I love you are one beautiful Mom,,,inside and out

sara's art house said...

Oh my word- you have me worried daughter is only 3. CUTE pics!