Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unlikely Brothers

My precious 1st born son will be 20 years old in 2 weeks..
It simply amazes me that this fact is remotely even possible.
It's even hard for me to understand that I will have one turning 20
and Brady will still be 1 year old.
( Only for 2 months however) haha
Yet.... when I watch these 2 guys together I can't imagine it any other way..
How wonderful it is for them both.
Brent will always have someone who looks up to him
and (without doing anything at all) is an absolute hero.
And Little Brady will forever have someone to think
most every thing he does is wonderful, fabulous,
and completely hang on the refrigerator worthy.
Now I don't know about you...
but I would just love a piece of that on a daily basis.
As I watched my sweet Brady wave at his brother pulling out of the driveway
it almost brought tears to my eyes..
I thought about my brother.... and knew even in Heaven
He was waving at me too...
I then realized that brothers come in all shapes and sizes...
Some small, some tall, and some no longer there at all...
But maybe that's what makes them so special.
May we all have someone there to wave as we pull out of the drive.


Darla said...

that is so sweet. i never got to have a brother :( i can see now having a son what i might have missed. your boys are so blessed to have each other, and i know you are proud of them both. boys just warm a mommas heart like nothing else.

Veronica said...

I always wave my fiance goodbye until he disappears down the path out of sight. I know just how your little one feels! Im sure he, like myself, waves with happy anticipation of seeing him again soon.

Alberta said...

What I know about these two beautiful boys is that they are very blessed to have a mother as wonderful as you. It's no wonder they are so special.