Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Charge of Children

The look of those fun smiling faces can tell a story all it's own.
if you lived here with me and understood all that lies underneath
it would sadden your soul.
I don't often get on a negative soap box, reach a point in which you feel as though
you must stand up for those things most dear to your heart.
AND.. my children certainly are..
ONE would think that cheerleading would be the
postcard version of what fun, excitement, and overall good times are
as there could ever be.

But.... if you are in the midst of leadership that is continually looking for faults
in 16 and 17 year old girls.... it can make your day miserable.
I don't know about you.... but when I was 16
I made so many little mistakes
(and still do for that matter)
that it would take a trailer to carry them all around.
Thank goodness I was surrounded by people
who understood that I was a teenager..
ONE whose reasoning skills were as of yet not as sharpened as they should be.
ONE whose sense of life was merely filled with the JOY of that moment.
ONE who lived for a day at school in the company of my friends....
someone who was watching my every move to CATCH me when I made a mistake.
One of my favorite verses in the Bible says... "seek and you shall find"
Well that in my opinion is exactly what is being done..
When you look for bad... YOU WILL FIND IT..
however the same is true
When you look for good... YOU WILL FIND IT TOO..
May we be ever surrounded by people who AREN'T waiting to
"Catch Us"
making such horrible mistakes in life
LIKE.. chewing gum, forgetting the correct colored bow,
not having your hands behind your back, or for heavens sake
not removing all your jewelry..


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad my grandchildren have you for their Mom!! We all need someone to stand up for us at times. Life is not always fair but it sure helps when your Mom is in your corner. Love you all.
Your Mom

Alberta said...

Oh, this post speaks straight to my heart and brings back so many memories. As a former cheerleading coach of 14 years, I feel I can speak with great authority to the trials and tribulations of cheerleading. During those years I made many, many lifelong friends (moms included), and I know I made some enemies too. I hope, however, it wasn't over bows and bellyrings! My girls were (and still are) my pride and joy, and I expected them to be ladies, scholars, and athletes. I expected that they would make mistakes too because that's how we learn isn't it? I remember well when one of my captains was caught shoplifting on a school field trip, yet, and I didn't kick her off the squad, an action which particularly incensed some of the mothers. This young lady turned herself in, you see, knowing exactly how severe the the consequences would be, and I felt that this action said a great deal more about her character than the mistake she made. I also remember giving demerits to girls who were impolite to each other and girls who didn't fulfill the commitment they had made to the squad because I felt that friendship and committment were really the most important values the sport had to offer, not showmanship or even athleticism (although I DID love to win and we place first in many a competition). I'm on a soapbox, I know, but those years and those girls made a difference in my life. I only hope I taught them half as much as theey taught me!

Your beautiful, sweet daughter is so lucky to have you and you to have her.


LauraLoo said...

Fabulously said! Your daughter is such a lucky ducky to have such a great cheerleader in her life in the form of her mommy! Oh, and just so you know next time they throw that crap of matching blah blah...

(noun) a person who leads spectators in traditional or formal cheering, esp. at a pep rally or athletic event.

didn't say anything bout no gum, or matching hair bows now did it!? haha I had to! BIG HUGS!

Leslie said...

Your children are very lucky to have you as their mother! It is ridiculous those who have nothing better to do than worry about hair bows and gum! Thanks for sticking up for those 16/17 year old girls!