Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No More MONKEYS Jumping on the Bed

WELL... we almost made it to 2 years old
without a single trip to the doctor except for shots...
THEN... our weekend at The River
came to an abrupt halt
Sunday night.
Brady was jumping on the bed in the camper
and hit the metal window
seal right along the bridge of his nose.
It made the whole travel trailer shake.
Poor little guy..
I was sitting 10 inches from him putting in his movie,
and didn't turn around in time
to even slow down his crash...
It swole up immediately, and of course scared me to death too..
(I'm 42 years old, and don't LOVE to be frightened any more...)
Needless to day, we jumped in the truck
and drove 35 minutes
to the emergency room in Weatherford..
I never even stopped to realize I was still bare footed ,
with a two day old river ponytail
and Brady was only wearing a diaper.
(YES.. we fully looked the part of the "white-trash" couple in the ER)
Head injuries, and fever just freak me out....
ANYWAY... by the time we left the hospital
he was blowing kisses to the nurse
and counting in Spanish while they took his blood pressure...
SO... other than that....
We had a fabulous weekend...
Before our head trauma............
Brady helped his daddy work on the tractor (and went for many rides) along the way..
He put on his hat, let me do both the sunscreen, and the bug spray
like a true River Rat Kid...
All he cared about was getting in the boat, or playing in the water..
And if me saying it isn't proof enough...
Just look at that sweet face
NOW... that is a boy who loves the water...
He just can't seem to get enough.
HE asks to go to the "RIBBER" as soon as he wakes up,
and all day in between until it's so dark outside
he can no longer see it or forgets it's there.
That's when we have to get the colors out and begin our other adventures..
It is truly amazing what you can do
when there is no tv or Internet to distract you.
I think that is my favorite part of being at The River.
It is the complete package of "family time"....
My little Budding Artist...
He sees me painting all the time and thinks it must be something fabulous to do
since I am always putting it up when he comes around..
So... this weekend I surprised Brady and bought him his own set of paints.
He is completely CRAZY about rocks
so we decided that they would be the perfect thing to paint.
And of course the River is in no short supply of ROCKS...
I am guessing the rocks got a tad boring
because in the time it took me to turn around and get my camera....
he was already on to painting legs..
I must say... He seemed to enjoy it more. haha
OUR weekend ended with the happiest day of all.
My mom and step dad came out on Monday to spend the day with us..
Brady was already back to his normal "wild man" self after
his ordeal the night before.
Grandi however nearly had the "big one" when she saw his face...
So we eased her tension by taking her on a little ride. hee hee
I've secretly got to say this was one of the funnest parts of my weekend..
I laughed so hard I nearly couldn't drive..
Mom and I decided that if we'd wave we could be in a parade.
(AND in some towns.. by golly that's all it takes)
We were officially a float.
So.... we ended our wonderful weekend celebrating in a festival all our own..
Sometimes it's actually more fun!!!
May we all have a day that's worthy of a parade.


Darla said...

oh gosh, i love this! not the boo boo part, although, i was relating to that same story happpening to my oldest when she was 2, but the ER white trash part had me LOL. it WouLD happen on the day of the bad river hair! and i love to see kids painting. mine did it all the time when they were little. they colored themselves with markers, and painted themselves too. they colored lots of stuff actually. haha, it's such a good memory now. thanks for taking me back.

julie king said...

that was one nasty bump and bruise. poor little guy! and, yes, he does have the sweetest little face!

deb did it said...

I m laughing and crying all at the same time...oh what a fun post. and oh my God, that little artist shot.....painting his leg...PRICELESS!

Sher said...

Staci, Everyday, Everywhere on earth, Wherever You are, there is a parade girlfriend! I am just so happy to be a bystander lookin on!!!