Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feathers of LIFE

One of us takes Little Brady to the park almost every day..
Friday he found a feather while we were feeding the ducks.
He was totally mesmerized by this feather.
As I watched my "own personal angel" chase "his feather"
I couldn't help but think of the movie FOREST GUMP.
Who ever thought of the feather floating
in that movie
Our lives are so much like that feather..
Sometimes we end up in a place we never dreamed life would take us....
YET.. somehow we made it here.
I think about all the people who have floated through my life,
as well as those yet to follow the breeze my way.
Each person we meet can teach us something if we let them.
Granted....... sometimes it may be what we DON'T want to be
but there is a precious lesson in that too.
Today the sweetest man named Dale at Hobby Lobby
again floated through my life.
He is a 6'4" man who weighs 300 lbs.
I know this because he told me..
He has tattoos up his arms and a pony tail hanging half way down his back.
YET... I swear he has the presence of an true angel.
He works in the Matting Department and I always look for him when I need help.
He is absolutely wonderful at what he does.....
BUT more importantly he does it with a SMILE.
Wouldn't our world be a magical place if we all did our work with a smile.
Thank you to all the incredible people with whom I pass each day
who make "my world" a better place
(because no matter what job you are doing)
May we always remember that we too
are the feather floating through someone's life today.


deb did it said...

and YOU my friend make me SMILE.....and your smile is also contagious....your face lights up when you smile! love ya!

April said...

I am so glad you "floated" into my life! What you write in your blog sometimes makes me smile, sometimes cry, but always makes me stop and think. I just love your philosophies on life. And of coarse I always need you to read to me from your serenity books.

Veronica said...

So true! Isnt it just incredible how life just blows us along.