Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homecoming Hoopla

WOW.. What an exhausting week it has been.
HOMECOMING at Southwest High School
is a WAY big deal.
It's a week long adventure (and still going).....
Tonight is the formal dance ( I'll have pictures of that too)
Every day of the week was a special dress up day of some sort.
Then Friday is the MUM day...

All the girls met at our house
so we could take a few pictures before they went to school.
All I can say is whom ever invented mums...
was smart
(what a money making business)
Brook's date and I went to get all the stuff for her mum so we could make it.
We had the best time putting all the stuff together and decorating
what we thought she would want..
We knew one thing for sure......
it had to have some Bling and Glamour..
She loved it......
and in the end that's all that counts...
I had lots of stuff left over
and my main man was sure eying the whole process
I made him a garter.....
feeling 100% certain that he would never wear it longer than 5 minutes....
But.. I made it anyway...
and that little fellow wore it the entire pep rally and the entire ball game.
I must say it.....
He was precious !
We headed out to Brook's pep rally at 2.
Had to stand in line for 20 minutes to get a pass in the office.
( I hate that part) sure makes me miss Snyder's pep rallies.
We finally made it inside
ready to clap for "Boop" while she "cheelees"
The pep rally was great.
Brook and Ashley lead the Jr.'s Cheer.
However (somehow) the Seniors always win those things.
I looked over to see if ALL THE NOISE was bothering Brady
only to find out that he was sound asleep.
Now that one I just can not figure out.
I guess when your tired your just tired.
Our team has 18 cheerleaders and their routines are always fun to watch.
I think pretty much anything young and cute is probably fun to watch...
but when it's your kid then it's even better.

They did a tribute Michael Jackson dance..
It was really fun...
Gotta say I was tapping my foot in my seat.
(It was the real Michael Jackson from the early days music)

As our week comes to an end....
I have to stop and be thankful
that I am here to experience all of this with
my one and only gal..
Raising girls takes quite a different road than boys...
BUT gee what a fabulous ride!!!
May we all roll our windows down, let the wind mess up our hair,
rev up our engines, and most of all enjoy the RIDE.


Darla said...

awww, brook is adorable. tell her hi for us. we aren't doing competitive cheerleading this year, are you? it just seems to get harder to fit in the schedule in high school, and those sundays driving home late and going to school the next morning was tough...her mum is gorgeous mom, i bet that was fun to make!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Brooke looks like she is loving her life. With a mom like she has. How could she not love her life....miss ya

Veronica said...

That looks so American :) Just like the movies I remember from my teen years.

julie king said...

no wonder you're tired but oh the memories you made! wonderful photos and i always love seeing your cute little guy!