Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Greatest Gift

I just got home from Waco
where I met one of my dearest friends.
I only see her once or, at best, twice a year
because she moved half way across the world.
I try my best to wait patiently each year
for our fun filled, full of giggles... Summer Visits.
She is also a photographer nerd....
(the term we have affectionately given ourselves)
We can sit for hours and talk about lighting, photoshop,
and our new favorite techniques....
I can say without a doubt that she
is the ONLY person in the entire world
who truly understands my philosophy
of what a photograph should be.
The #1 goal was to capture emotion...
and everything else is a far off second place
So... this year I asked her to please take
my yearly photograph with Brady.
I knew the exact look I wanted and knew
that she was the gal who could capture it.
This was the RESULT...
No amount of money can ever buy or replace this moment.
She knew my heart so very well
and knew just what I wanted...
and man oh man did she ever catch it.
I will have more of our shoot to share later in the week.
May we always understand that most anyone
can take a photograph....
but only a few can capture a memory.
Thank you Sherry !


Darla said...

what a happy picture! i love all of the different greens, and how you are being playful with your son, it just shouts 'Life' to me!

Beth said...

first look like you're 17! and, seconde, love the photo. those types of 'emotion' shots are always the BEST!

myletterstoemily said...

how precious to have a friend who
understands completely and delivers
so well!

what an enchanting photo.

and i loved your 'hare' comment. I'm
certainly a tortoise.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Love it. Thanks to Sherry.

Becky said...

Gave me chills! So sweet and now a little lucky mommies~

lori vliegen said...

can i just tell you that my heart is absolutely melting over this photo?!! kudos to your sweet photo soul mate for capturing such a precious moment with your precious little guy! glad you had some girlfriend truly is the best therapy, and so underrated, i think! happy weekend, sweet one!! xox, :))

sara's art house said...

Super cute picture!!!

I hope you don't mind- I posted some of your pictures on my blog. I feel like I have posted some of them before- but I have such a bad memory :) :)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

stacy, that picture is phenomenal! you can feel the joy coming through it.

deb did it said...

PERFECT...simply perfect