Monday, August 2, 2010

Productive Panic

Ok... panic has now officially set in.
I start work in 3 days....
Why is it that you can seem to get so much done
when you're on a deadline????
and.... when I get frazzled....
for some reason I start painting
and redecorating.
(I'm not sure... but I think there is a name for this..
maybe decoratism, or frazzlism...)
But... today I got my GIANT picture
in of Brady and I.... so that lead to more redoing.
I think my piano area has now gone through
it's 12th transformation....
and I'm sure at one point there will be more..
but, for now I love my picture.
Here it was back in January.
and here is the same area of the house
back when I must have been transforming
from a serious phase to fun.
and here it is in the completely
serious phase....
Mercy that is sooooooooooo
NOT me now. haha
Yesterday I decided I didn't like
my living room any more.
So.... I got up early
and while everyone was sleeping
I started painting it
egg plant purple.
I know that is a color that MOST
of the world moves totally away from...
but for some reason I was feeling
a PURPLE phase coming on.
I painted this garage sale chest that was in the garage.
and I saw this on some one's blog
(so sorry I can't remember where)
but..... I totally LOVED that where ever I saw it
they had used random mixed knobs on their chest.
I thought it was adorable so I ran to
Hobby Lobby today and Brady and I
picked out 6 of our favorites..
I TOTALLY LOVE this chest with these knobs.
This (as of today) is the funnest
corner of my house to be in...
I also gave my DRAG Queen deer
a new make over.
I was feeling she was a little under dressed
for the stage I am in at the moment.
so... as my teenagers have told me
He/she now has a Southern pimp hat
and a little bit of new BLING.
I'm not sure BRAD is thrilled with what I've
done to his deer.... but I can tell you
it gets way more attention that all of
those plain MAN deer hanging in other
random dens across the world. ha
This was my living room when we first moved in.
MANY coats of paint and a zillion changes since then.
MERCY.... that was so YUCK !!!
This was the first look it had.
again with the serious phase...
WHAT was that all about??????
Many phases later it moved to this...
STILL hated the fireplace and that retirement home
cheap white mantle...
SO..... while I was painting the purple,
and letting it dry between coats.
I decided to just paint the darn thing.
After all... what could look worse than
cheap builder wood white.
I painted it my other color of choice lately
Turquoise.... and I'm sure one day
I'll wonder
WHAT was I thinking.... I LOVE it.
I still haven't done my painting yet...
but I did add a little mooing friend to the mantle.
of course fresh with a new coat of paint
and some polka dots.
Here were my frames last week.
I still haven't painted the wall behind it yet.
It is going to be purple too....
but everyone was waking up so I stopped for the day.
I've got the pictures in almost all of them...
I LOVE seeing "my people" on this wall.
Just wish it was purple already..
BUT... one step at a time...
after all..... Tomorrow is another day!
May we NEVER be afraid of change.
Yes... sometimes we may Hate it,
and sometimes we may LOVE it.....
but you learn a little more about yourself
either way!!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! But I like the serious as well as funny phases. You are much more brave than I could ever be and how I love seeing all the great ideas you have come to fruition.

Darla said...

oh i just love all of it! and i love that you have a way to express yourself, that's what it's all about, expressing ourselves in whatever way we feel the need. i LoVe the PuRpLE!!! it's really FuN!

have FuN with that new job!

sara's art house said...

LOVE it! The turquoise mantle is awesome and i love the purple!!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

You have so much talent! I love that purple color. And that giant photo is incredible.

Leslie said...

Good Luck at the new job! Go show them what we all already know! THAT YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!!!

Becky said...

Okay! Paintbrush in hand.....ideas in my head! Love the chest! You are cracking me up....because my hubby says I get into "meatball" mode before a big event......meaning before Preston went to Europe for 1 month when he was 14, he wanted my "meatballs" before he left and yes, by golly, I made them at 10:00 the night I know what you mean, by cramming! You are going to love your job@@@@@@@@@

Anonymous said...

You are so brave! Colter would kill me if he came home to a purple wall!! But I love it and I love you fun style!! We sure miss you!! Love ya Taren

deb did it said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL............Good luck Working Girl....spread the love!

myletterstoemily said...

what a lovely colorful world you
have made for you lucky family.

good luck in school. the kids
will love you!

Veronica said...

Where do you get all your energy? Can I have some?!

Michelle said...

Staci you have such a fun and creative house. I love all the whimsy.

And that Drag Queen Dear....what a hoot!

Carolyn OConnor said...

I love looking at all the pics of things you have painted. You remind me of what I tell's just paint! It you don't like it , Paint over it! I do funky painted furniture, however I am not as brave as you when it comes to the house! Love Love Love your energy. It comes screaming thru the computer screen saying "get off your ___ and paint!!" Thanks for sharing! I am just starting a blog, Check it out if you have time. You have inspired me today...!