Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some kind of BUSY

I have been so busy throwing out
my 50 ++++++ things lately
that I can not seem to STOP and get
on the computer to keep you posted on the progress.
I can however tell you that this is one of the
MOST life changing books I have ever read.
I would so highly recommend it to every person
I know.. and even those I don't.
I have been very diligent to go through
EVERY closet, EVERY storage box, under the beds,
and yes... even my garage.
I can tell you that there is ONE word that comes to mind
when I look at all of this stuff... WASTE.
There is no telling how many thousands of dollars
I have spent getting small stuff that
I was one day going to do something with.
AND as you can see... MOST of it never got around to
becoming that "something it could be!"
This is MY old studio room...
Which in a few weeks is going to be Brook's new room.
We have all been piling everything in here to "go through"
and needless to say... there is a VERY LARGE
garage sale in the works.
I have made a new vow to myself that
IF I don't know where it is going to go,
or if it does not have a purpose "at that moment"
then IT is no longer allowed to visit at my house.
Brent (the big son) has been one of my number one fans
throughout this process...
A process that .... may I say,
has been rather difficult at times.
It is almost like exposing your worst feature
for the world... and most importantly
for YOURSELF to see.
But... As with most things in life
THAT is how we learn.
So... as I continue my cleaning,
I am thankful for the encouragement
and never ending words of praise from
a son whose LOVE I hold dear.
(even if he did come home with a hair do like that) ha
Then.... there is the MIDDLE child.
My one and only daughter...
who can I just say is NOT full of pep talks
and "your doing good MOM" speeches.
However.... she has given me something I truly
needed these last couple of weeks.
She is my child who freely
pours out her honesty.
AND though it may not sound as pretty..
It was just as good to hear.
Everyone needs a wake up call on occasion.
In the midst of our ROOM SWAPPING transformations,
my sweet Brook had her 17th birthday..
I took she and her boyfriend to the lake
to take some pictures for her to put
in her new room.
I must say... they are so darn cute...
and just the most darling looking version of
America High School USA I have ever seen.
I kept waiting for Norman Rockwell
to come around the corner.
Here she is with her best buddies...
THE BEST FRIENDS CLUB as she calls them.
(Brandon, Brook, Kristen, and Trelle)
Trelle has also been one of the catalysts in our room transformations.
He has come to live with us for his Senior Year.
Lets just say that his situation is very unfortunate
and when Brook (my honest, full of logic child) said
"MOM I think we could make a difference in his life
if we let him live here this year," I had to listen.
As usual... her heart was in the right place.
So.. Trelle has taken Brent's old room
while he is off at college
and more room transformations are in the works.
Anyway... we didn't let our MESS upstairs
interfere with our party downstairs.
I have always tried to make a big deal
out of my kid's birthdays.
After all... I tell them
"It is the day that God decided to give you
to me to borrow."
How ever old the kids are...
that is how many presents they get.
It is always fun for them to open,
and a challenge for me to find.
Some of the gifts mind you are gum, lip gloss, and I have even
been known to wrap a pair of socks separately..
BUT... it is always FUN !
After the turn 21 however... the multiple party gifts are over.
And let me just tell you...
Brent KNOWS he still has one more year to go.
Brook got a guitar for her birthday this year from my mom.
She has always wanted to learn how to play,
and thought this would be the year she'd give it a try.
My precious mother...
brought not only the guitar...
but the perfect matching cake to go with it.
We took a day off to party...
and quickly got back to work.
This was Brook's old room.
She had an Arabian Bed complete with about
6 loads of laundry. haha
Her bedroom is now Brenae's ( who is home from college,
and going to live with us all year while she does her student teaching)
new bedroom.
We gutted it completely... painted it to Brenae's request
and color scheme.... and in less than 2 days
Her new room was ready to MOVE IN.

Here is her room NOW !!
I call it " A grown up version of FUN."
ONE more down... and 2 more to go...
Sometimes the progress is slower than I'd like,
but it has taken a while to go through all of our (mostly my) STUFF...
YET..... when I am finished
everything in this house will have a REAL place to LIVE....
And as I empty the physical mess... it has been amazing
at how the mental mess has gone hand in hand.
Gail Blanke (the author of Throw Out Fifty Things) says
"Always remember, clutter (of any kind) blurs clarity."
And I.. my friends, had so much of it,
that I had LOST MY FOCUS.
May we all mull the truth in the statement
that "The more STUFF we surround ourselves with,
the less room we have for the never-been-so-good
before part of our lives." Gail Blanke


Anonymous said...

You forgot the words to this post. Ha. But I guess you have been a little busy. Brenae's room looks wonderful, can't wait for you to show us more.
Love you,

deb did it said...

I gotta buy that book...RIGHT NOW! Yo are fabulous and wonderful Stacey...I miss you.

Leslie said...

I need that book! LOL! Looks like you will have a houseful this next year! So many adventures! Look forward to hearing about them! Let me know when the Garage Sale is..that would be worth a trip up there! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing, overnight the post tripled and now has words. Don't know how I saw it before it was finished. You are doing a great job and even enticing me to de-clutter. What a day that would be!!

sara's art house said...

Wow! You have been BUSY!

How wonderful for you to let someone stay at your house who needs you!

The pictures you took are adorable and it looks like a great b-day party!

Debbie said...

I will check into that book! It sounds like something I really could use.

Darla said...

wow! that's alot of new rooms you are working on. i am constantly on the mission to declutter, and usually bring it all back in somehow!!! it's frustrating. but i do believe that if i ever finally get there, i will be free to be me...and happy i did it. i need that book i think, lol. you are doing a great job, keep up the good work!

myletterstoemily said...

oh man, i need to rest after reading
all that you have been up to?

how in the world?

your daughter is gorgeous and has
a lovely heart, too.

your son's hair made me smile, as my
two boys have done just about every
thing with their hair.

my girls leave theirs alone. how weird
is that?

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I JUST read about this book tonight and I am ordering it on amazon before I go to bed!
Your daughter is beautiful, and yes... I agree , sometimes honesty is just what we need to hear!

Jara said...

That sounds like an incredible book! I'll have to check it out! Your kiddos are precious and I LOVE the pictures of Brooke and her boyfriend. Also, you taking in Trelle - ummm, have you seen The Blind Side:) Make me cry! Sounds like there's been a lot of eye opening moments lately - proud of you!!! And yes, we are probably closer than we know and I would LOVE to meet you one day too! Congrats on a clean, clutter free home - I'm inspired:)! said...

I luv Brooke's guitar, how cute!! Oh how it's hard to believe she is 17 and a senior!!!